What Will Survive

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Critical acclaim for What Will Survive:

This haunting, carefully structured novel looks at loss, love, ambition against the background of our era’s thorny problems in the Middle East. The backstage look at Parliament was riveting, while the media feeding frenzy surrounding Princess Diana’s death was more chilling than the murder of Aisha Lincoln, Smith’s model-turned-goodwill-ambassador. I’ve always loved Loretta Lawson, but in What Will Survive, Smith has produced her strongest writing. Sara Paretsky

I absolutely loved it. P D James

A literary espresso. Joan Smith’s latest novel, tautly plotted and tightly written, will jump-start your brain. A wise, witty, gritty book, but also laced with compassion, Once I picked up this book, it wouldn’t put me down again. Kathy Lette

Smith’s ability to maintain suspense while picking her way through the complexities of Hezbollah’s relationship with other Lebanese factions and its opposition to Israel’s occupation of the south is impressive…moving, thoughtful and absorbing. The Observer

Subtle and passionate….sardonically perceptive about the foibles and vanities of the powerful. Michael Wills, former justice minister

A sharp, edgy and accomplished novel. Allan Massie

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