Roman mosaics, Tunisia

There are superb Roman mosiacs at several sites I’ve just visited in Tunisia. These are from the Bardo Museum in Tunis, a reconstructed Roman villa at Thysdrus and the magnificent Roman city of Sufetula.

 Photos (c) Joan Smith, 2011



This image from the Bardo (left) is unusual because it shows a female centaur.  





This is a detail from a large mosaic at the villa-museum in Thysdrus (El Jem), which is also the site of a 3rd-century ampitheatre.






Detail from another large mosaic at Thysdrus, repeating the same basic pattern of dolphins and a bird.






Detail from small mosaic, Thysdrus.






Huge floor, almost intact, at the public baths in Sufetula (Sbeitla)








Renovations have almost finished at the Bardo, which has several mosaics on this monumental scale.




Detail from Ulysses and the Sirens (260 AD), mosaic from wealthy family’s villa at Thugga (Dougga), now in the Bardo.

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